A Chinese team has arrived Nepal on 5th August,2018 with an objective of facilitating a training on “Value Added Tea Processing Technology "organized by Speciality Tea Association of Nepal (STAN), in support of UNNATI Inclusive Growth Program in Nepal.

The team is lead by Prof. Dr. Ni Dejiang along with Prof. Dr. Chen Yuqiong, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, Hubei Province and Mr. Lu Yonghau, Tea and Machinery expert who visited National Tea and Coffee Development Board,Kathmandu, Nepal on 6th August,2018 . The team expressed how Nepali tea, especially Golden tips and Green teas are appreciated in China. However, they made it clear that there is still requirement of improvement in the part of processing where processor needs to pay attention in order to boost the quality of made tea even more.

The training is scheduled to be organized at Jhulkegham Laghu Chiya Udhyog, Kanyam, Ilam from 8th 10thAugust,2018 and at Pathivara Orthodox Chiya Udhyog, Sakhejung, Ilam from 11th to 13th August,2018. The training will be facilitated by the resource person Prof. Dr. Ni Dejiang and his team.